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Advanced DataForm

You may be one of the 1000’s of Excel users that have downloaded my Excel DataBaseForm, in which case I hope it proved useful. Due to the amazing interest shown in this example I have put together another example with even more features and advanced coding. Incorporating over 10 years of working with Excel UserForms.


This FREE Contact List spreadsheet can be used to record your personal or business contacts. This spreadsheet allows you to document addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, etc. You can sort your contacts by last name, first name, city, birthday, etc. 

The code in this workbook is protected but you can still use adapt the workbook for your own use. The Database can display up to ten columns of data and you can change the Column Headings to suit your database needs.

If you want to access the VBA code to learn how the features work and be able to adapt it fully for your own use then you can purchase an unprotected version for £9.00 until the end of February when the price will be £12.00.

Read what you get when you purchase the full version.




Until February 28th

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