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Learn the importance of correctly setting up your data in a Spreadsheet to take advantage of Excel’s inbuilt Database features including database formulas,, filtering data and summarising data. If the basic data is not correctly formatted then you cannot exploit Excel’s potential as a database. Also learn how to simplify inputting data and avoiding input errors.

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Working with data in Excel

Data may be stored in multiple sheets in a workbook, but to actually use the information you might need to create a summary that shows totals for all the sheets. In this article I show you how to create a simple way to do this.

Summarise data from multiple sheets

A template is a Microsoft Excel workbook with content and formatting that you use as a model to create other similar workbooks. You set options and enter data in a template, and then when you base new workbooks on the template, the new workbooks receive the same settings and initially contain the same data. You can also add VBA code to the Template. Templates save you time when you need to create several workbooks with similar features, and can help you standardise the appearance and content of workbooks used in your company. Because a template provides only the information and settings you want to reuse, it's faster than copying an existing workbook and deleting old information from it. For example, you want everyone in your Company or Department to provide information each month about time spent on individual projects, i.e. a record of time writing costs. You combine this information into a management report, so you want the same information in the same order from each employee. To make this task easy, you can set up a worksheet with a row for each project and columns for each day of the month, apply any other formats you want, add any calculations that you need, protect the Worksheet and then save the workbook as a template.

What is a Template?

This section of my site will hold IMicrosoft Excel Tutorials and templates with full instructions. II will be adding more articles as time permits, so check back regularly

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Learn about the Camera Tool

Excel’s little known Camera Tool

Excel's Camera tool enables you to select a range of cells and make a live picture that you can place anywhere in your workbook. Since it makes a picture, it does not have to fit into worksheet row/columns, a great help in building dashboard  type reports.  Since it's a live picture, any changes to the source range are automatically updated in the picture. The Camera tool can significantly increase your Excel dashboard quality quickly and easily.