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SimplexD style Excel Spreadsheet


Let this Package do the hard work for you!

Based on the successful SimplexD CashBook, The Weekly CashBook for Excel is a very simple accounts book for the small trader and requires very basic computer skills. If you can use a spreadsheet then you can use this Cashbook. Basically you simply enter all your financial transactions for each week and the Excel functions do the rest – total columns, produce various reports and charts, and a Profit and Loss Report. In fact it is much the same as using the SimplexD style accounts books, but you don’t need a calculator!

Enter your in-comings and out-goings into the pre-made sections on a week by week basis and the spreadsheet will automatically populate the financial reports for you which will aid you with your tax return. The summary sheets and graphs will give you the ability to see how your business is performing on a month by month basis and overall for that financial year. You will be able to see how much your business is spending on items such as stock, fuel costs and postage for example.

Getting started

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Before you start select which day of the week that your trading week commences.

Then enter the date that your Financial year starts.

This page also contains links to all the input and report sheets.

Always seek professional advice if unsure about your accounts!

We cannot be held responsible for any errors in your accounts!

Try before you buy

You can download a fully functioning copy, limited to four weeks’ transactions to enable you to see how simple it is to use.

Download trial version

Buy a License

To unlock the full workbook you need to buy a license. After purchase you can download a small file that licenses the product. This must be placed in the same folder as the accounts workbook.

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