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An Excel DatabaseForm to adapt for your own projects

MS Access is the obvious database application for Microsoft Office users, but

Two major tasks related to using an Excel database are entering the data correctly and then keeping that data up to date. Excel has a built in data entry form that can help simplify both tasks.

My DatabaseForm demonstrates how to build your own UserForm to carry out these tasks.

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This UserForm addresses many of the commonly asked questions by people building their own form

Data entry can be further enhanced by restricting entries to a list, much like a Data Validation list on a Worksheet. This can be done by using a ComboBox.

If you would like this form adapting for your use, or maybe a more advanced form then please contact royUK using the contact form.for a quote.

The download now contains a more advanced dataform example that is used as a Contacts Manager.

Read more about the new form.