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A non-ActiveX DatePicker for Excel

Excel does not have a built-in datepicker to enable users to easily enter dates to their Spreadsheet.This addin is designed to overcome that shortcoming. This datePicker will work in any version of Excel including 64-bit.

How to access the DatePicker

The addin will try to determine if a cell needs a date adding by checking if the cell already contains a date or is formatted as a date. If the column heading contains the word Date e.g. "Document Date" then the DatePicker will display when any cell in the Column is selected. The user can double click on any cell to open the DatePicker. There is also a Tab added to the Data Tab of the Ribbon named DatePicker which contains a button to open the DatePicker. There is also a TimePicker to the addin which works very much like the DatePicker but for adding times.

Additional Tools

The DatePicker addin also has several additional useful tools available from the XLU controls added to the Data Tab of the Ribbon. 1 . A TimePicker to easily add a time into the selected cell. 2 . Add the current time to the selected cell. 3 . Easily add a static Date Stamp using today's date. 4 . Easily add a static Date & Time stamp using today's date and the current time. 5 . Quickly convert dates stored as text to proper dates recognised by Excel. 6 . Add a small Calendar to the active sheet. 7 . Add a Yearly Calendar in a new sheet. Using the addin you can quickly produce a report of all cells containing dates or date functions. 1 . Select Date Report from the DTP button in the Data Tab of the Ribbon. 2 . In the Date Report dialog box, select the scope for the date report, this can be for 3 . either the active sheet or all the sheets in the active workbook. 4 . Click OK. Note: 1. The date report includes all cells that contain dates and non-date cells that use any of the following date-related functions: DATE, DATEDIF, DATEVALUE,DAY, DAYS360, EDATE, EOMONTH, MONTH, NETWORKDAYS, NOW, TODAY, WEEKDAY, WORKDAY, YEAR and YEARFRAC. 2. The rows of the date report can be sorted or filtered by any column.


I am finishing testing this addin and the tool will be available very soon.

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