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Alternate DatePickers for Excel

Date ComboBoxes Here's a simple example ready to be added to your own UserForm. It consists of three ComboBoxes to allow the user to select the day, month & year. The default setting is today's date. Calendar Form 1

...that work with any version of Excel

Excel gives you access to several ActiveX controls that allow the user to select a date. However, these can be problematic, e.g.they may not be installed on certain computers. In fact Excel 2010 does not support some of these controls. For these reasons I never use them in my applications and have created several non-activeX alternatives for my applications. I am making some of them available for free download for you to adapt and use.

The J & R DatePicker

The JR_DatePicker is an addin that simplifies adding dates to a cell. It avoids the problems associated with using ActiveX controls in Excel by creating it's own DatePicker control. The addin can be called either from the Tools menu or the Right Click Cell Menu. Note in later versions the add-in will be in the Add-ins Tab of the Ribbon. Click on the drop down to display the Calendar, select a date then click the button with the red tick (check) on to enter the date to the active cell.

 Note: in versions since Excel 2007 the addin must be accessed via the Addins tab. I am currently working on a new version  for the newer versions of Excel.

 Download the free Excel DatePicker addin

For installation instructions see here .

Alternatively use the installation workbook provided in the zip file. First extract the two files from the zip file to the same folder. Click JR_InstallDatePicker.xls to open it and follow the instructions to install the addin to the correct addin folder. If you use this installer then the addin will be available whenever you open MS Excel. Alternatively, install manually as instructed in these page.

The Calendar Form

This is an Excel UserForm designed to be used as a date picker, you simply click on a date to add it to the selected cell. It is ready to use in your own projects and includes an example of using the calendar to enter a date into a UserForms TextBox. The VBA Project is unlocked so that you can see and adapt the code.

Download an example Calendar Form

Download an example using Date Combos

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