There is no inbuilt Excel Function to convert numbers to text, however there are many versions of a User Defined Function to convert a numeric value to Text. This is one that I adapted to allow the user to specify a Currency to display.

The syntax for the NumToText function is:

NumToText( value, show currency, "currency")

  1. Value: This is the number to convert, it could be a Cell value or entered as a number
  2. show currency: This is a Boolean value, enter True to show the currency, False not to show the currency
  3. Currency: This is a String Variable to be displayed. Enter your choice of currency - "pound","Euro", "US Dollar",etc. Again you could have this recorded in a cell.

Here’s the code

Copy the UDF code and place it in a Standard Code Module.

Here's how to use it in your codeOption Explicit

 Sub test()

      MsgBox Application.WorksheetFunction.Proper(NumToText(125, True, "US Dollars"))

End Sub

To use it in a worksheet simply enter it as any other Excel Formula: In the following example we use the use the Function to write the value 100.50 as text. The show_currency parameter is set to false so no currency is used.


                    The formula will return  one hundred point fifty

In the next example we want to display the currency sign. We set the value to 600.47, show_currency is True & the currency to display is Dollars.

The formula entered to the cell will be


This text will be displayed “six hundred dollars and forty seven cents”

When used with Excel's PROPER Function the effect is much neater


The formula result is now formatted to use Upper Case to start each word:

One Hundred And Fifty Nine Dollars And Twenty Seven Cents

Download a free workbook containing the code and examples of it’s use.

Display numbers as words in Excel.

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